How to Setup DROOL Rule Engine with TOMCAT

  1. Please use this URL for download TOMCAT. after download extract it.
  2. Please use this URL for download the Drools Workbench.
  3. Please select the Tomcat 8 WAR . (It must correspond to the version of Drools engine used).
  4. Please deploy downloaded WAR file to TOMCAT/webapps dir.
  5. Add valve configuration into TOMCAT/conf/server.xml inside Host element as last valve definition.
    • <Valve className=org.kie.integration.tomcat.JACCValve />
  6. Change the TOMCAT/conf/tomcat-users.xml to include roles and users,.
    • <user username=”tomcat” password=”tomcat” roles=”manager-gui”/>
      <user username=”tdw” password=”tdw” roles=”admin”/>
  7. Create  setenv.bat or file inside TOMCAT/bin.
    • set CATALINA_OPTS=-Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Dbtm.root=C:\TOMCATDIR HERE\\TOMCATDIR HERE\conf\ -Djbpm.tsr.jndi.lookup=java:comp/env/TransactionSynchronizationRegistry\TOMCATDIR HERE\webapps\kie-drools-wb\WEB-INF\classes\login.config -Dorg.jboss.logging.provider=jdk -Dorg.uberfire.nio.git.dir=C:/TOMCATDIR HERE/temp
  8. Please download the related jars and copy following jar files into TOMCAT/lib
    • btm-2.1.4.jar
    • btm-tomcat55-lifecycle-2.1.4.jar
    • h2-1.3.161.jar
    • jta-1.1.jar
    • slf4j-api-1.7.2.jar
    • slf4j-jdk14-1.7.2.jar
    • kie-tomcat-integration
    • JACC (
  9. Create property file inside TOMCAT/conf
resource.ds1.driverProperties.url=jdbc:h2:file:C:/TOMCATDIR HERE/temp



Start tomcat

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